Yahtzee Club Online - Single or Multiplayer

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The aim of the game is to collect maximum amount of points by throwing five dice. You can see different combinations of dice which score in the left side of the game window. You roll dice at most three times and to roll the dice, press the 'Roll' button. Prior to each subsequent roll you may choose to hold or release any combination of dice. You hold a die by clicking it with the mouse. You release a die by clicking it again. When pressing 'Roll', only dice that are not locked will be rolled again. Latest after the third roll, you must select which score you will mark by pushing score buttons. After scoring you will throw again.There are 13 different scores and the game is finished when all are marked.

You can ask for advice or hints from the computer AI robot, so you can learn you how to win. If you play with computer Artificial Intelligence, AI robot uses the best and optimal strategy, so to win you need some skill and luck. You can ask for advice or hints from the computer AI, so the robot can teach you how to win


You can score in any of the scoring buttons that are not already selected. The score is indicated as you move the mouse cursor over the button and those buttons which are not scoring for your throw are disabled. Once you click a button, your score is registered.
First six top rows score according to the number of dice showing the number of 1's, 2's and so on. For example if you throw throw 4 4 4 5 6 you score 12 points if you select it as fours.
Bottom rows score if your throw belongs to one of these special cases:

Three of a Kind3 dice of the same kindsum of all the dice
Four of a Kind4 dice of the same kindsum of all the dice
FullHouse2 dice of one kind, 3 of another25 points
Small Straight4 consecutive numbers30 points
Large Straight5 consecutive numbers40 points
Jazz5 dice of the same kind50 points
Chanceany combinationsum of all the dice

In the top section (first six rows) you get a bonus (35 points) if your subtotal is greater than or equal to 63.

You can play against computer by selecting ComputerGame. The computer uses always the best strategy.
If you select TrainerGame the computer will get same dice as you.


List of ten best scoring games is saved on game server. You can browse this list selecting Scores.
You can select an individual game from the window to see the exact points in each combination

Network Scores

Best results are saved on the game server. You can browse the list selecting Network Scores
You can select an individual game from the window to see the exact results in each combination
If a result from your computers Score list is better than 320 it will be also sent to server

Multiplayer NetworkGame

If you want to play in network Login first, then choose "Network".
You can wait until someone invites you into a game or you can send an invitation
to a player selected from the list "Select Opponent"


In preferences you can set the user name you want to use in Network Game. If you select "Receive invitations from other players" you may receive invitations to network Game.


You can play Yahtzee Club alone, with another player online or against the computer AI. No Flash, no Java needed or no install needed. No registration necessary. You can play it in any Browser your PC or mobile. If you play with the computer robot artificial intelligence, it uses the best strategy, so to win you need some skill and luck. You can also ask for advice from the computer, so it can teach you how to win. High Score list is maintained on a Game Server.

More information related to Yahtzee can be found Wikipedia

Superpass is a Javascript application which is programmed using Java and the GWT toolkit. Server application of the game is Java application running in the Google App Engine.